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Two systems: one input! 
Aeration and irrigation systems are combined in the LUWA system, ensuring that water cannot flow into the aeration system which is installed deeper in the tree pit. By installing a two-in-one system, there are significant cost savings in both time and materials.

Many transplanted trees suffer from lack of water or oxygen. These problems are usually caused by an existing compacted soil structure in urban environments, unable to absorb water or provide adequate aeration. It is imperative that an effective aeration and irrigation system be installed to support the newly transplanted trees in urban environments.

Existing systems have the risk of aeration tubes being used for irrigation, and vice-versa. This is not ideal and therefore this is the primary reason prompting the development of the LUWA system - eliminating water wastage and anaerobic soil conditions.

The  LUWA system combines the aeration and irrigation systems into one system. Water cannot flow from the irrigation tube, through to the aeration system, which is installed lower in the tree pit.

After consultation with leading tree experts in Germany and with other European colleagues, the LUWA has been designed to guarantee the ideal establishment conditions for trees in urban environments. By creating these conditions, the additional benefits are the environmental enhancement from rapid establishment and economic benefits for each project. 


NL s'Hertogenbosch 1

Netherlands s'Hertogenbosch

TreeParker urbantreeplanting system Luwa

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France Troyes place du gare

TreeParker urbantreeplantings system LUWA


With succes we have already improved urban landscape in cities across Europe and  around the world by connecting green, blue,  gray infrastructure.

The knowledge and experience we gained through experiment, reseach and projects we gladdy want you to be part of this.

Because we truly believe knowledge is most usefull when shared.           

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