Urban tree solutions


The most affordable, strongest and most flexible system on the market.

Stronger than any other structural soil cell system. The TreeParker system is the newest and most innovative product within the urban treeplanting systems. The system is applicable in all situations and also provides the secondary features such as stormwater management, etc...

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Rosmalen (contractor)

We had some difficulties with utilities running everywhere. But the flexibility of  the TreeParker system made it a easy job. To integrate the utilities and still be able to plant a tree.  One of our guys said my son could do this job, that easy and intuitive.  The trees are doing well. 


TreeParker systems basic elements

TreeParker has been developed in response to the experience gained through trials, projects and discussions with all stakeholders. In addition to the key functions such as withstanding heavy traffic loads and to provide an unimpeded root growth, secondary factors are of great importance. Important secondary key factors are the need of simple design, easy installation, sustainability, integration of existing / new utilities, variable depth, high percentage of rooting volume in the system. 


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NL s'Hertogenbosch 1

Netherlands s'Hertogenbosch

TreeParker urbantreeplanting system Luwa

FR Troyes place de la Cathedrale 1

France Troyes place du gare

TreeParker urbantreeplantings system LUWA

Österreich Wien 1

Austria Vienna

TreeParker stormwater retention system

TreeParker utilities 1

Netherlands Apeldoorn

Integrating utilities and TreeParker


With succes we have already improved urban landscape in cities across Europe and  around the world by connecting green, blue,  gray infrastructure.

The knowledge and experience we gained through experiment, reseach and projects we gladdy want you to be part of this.

Because we truly believe knowledge is most usefull when shared.           

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Where to buy

TreeBUILDERS orginated from the Netherlands. We at TreeBUILDERS only sell through qualified distributors who are engaged in the professional urban landscape with the aim of adding value to your environment.
If you cannot find a distributor in your country, please contact us by emailing info@treebuilders.eu or calling +32 413 530 266.