Urban tree solutions


TreeBUILDERS can provide you with the most comprehensive advice for root structure systems for urban tree transplants. A variety of products are available for establishing tree roots underneath pavements. We can advise and guide you for your project requirements, from A-Z and offer customized solutions in different price categories. With our extensive knowledge of the various proven systems available, our experts will we help you find the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your.

SUSPENDED PAVEMENT (structural soil cell)

Soil cells offers within the Urban Treeplanting systems the most ideal growing place for the tree and pavement. Where damage to paving by root pressure is completely prevented. This is in contrast to all other solutions.

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SANDWICHCONSTRUCTION (pressure spreading system)

Pressure spreading systems works by spreading the load of any vehicle movements around the tree’s rooting area. This eliminates/reduces soil compaction of the growing media within the pit.

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Where to buy

TreeBUILDERS orginated from the Netherlands. We at TreeBUILDERS only sell through qualified distributors who are engaged in the professional urban landscape with the aim of adding value to your environment.
If you cannot find a distributor in your country, please contact us by emailing info@treebuilders.eu or calling +32 413 530 266.

Resource centre

Welcome to our resources centre. Whether you're a designer looking for details and specifications, or a contractor looking for installation guidelines, our resource centre will have all the info you need to get started. You are missing document? Please contact us and we will be glad to provide you the correct documents.

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