Urban tree solutions


We offer you cutting-edge, sustainable urban landscape solutions based on the experiences
gained through tests, projects, research and cooperation with the various disciplines involved.
Water management, urban forestry, civil engineering.


How to grow big trees in cityscapes. Good urban treeplanting systems addresses all issues concerning urban treeplanting. High effective rootgrowth volume, stormwater-management, managing heavy traffic loads and still being utility friendly.

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Trees are the best filter for our cities. A bioretention cell is designed to treat polluted stormwater runoff  from adjacent pavement. TreeParker bioretention system uses the rootsoil volume and does not take up extra space like ordinary bioretention.

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Connecting green en blue infrastructure. Green infrastructure reduces and treats stormwater at its source while delivering environmental, social, and economic benefits. See how trees benefits urban stormwatermanagement.

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With succes we have already improved urban landscape in cities across Europe and  around the world by connecting green, blue,  gray infrastructure.

The knowledge and experience we gained through experiment, reseach and projects we gladdy want you to be part of this.

Because we truly believe knowledge is most usefull when shared.           

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Where to buy

TreeBUILDERS orginated from the Netherlands. We at TreeBUILDERS only sell through qualified distributors who are engaged in the professional urban landscape with the aim of adding value to your environment. 
If you cannot find a distributor in your country, please contact us by emailing info@treebuilders.eu or calling +32 413 29 44 47.