City Square | Apeldoorn

The existing trees on the city square of Apeldoorn were growing reasonably well, but not well enough to be future-proof. Because these trees determine the atmosphere and image of the square and provide many climate benefits, such as cooling, air purification and CO2 absorption, the choice was made to keep the trees. With a view to the future, it was important to provide these trees with new extra rootable volume so that they can continue to grow healthily and vitally.

With existing trees, there is always the question of what the underground situation is between roots and utilities is and what exactly is present in the soil. The contractor carefully excavated the soil between the existing trees, creating space to apply the TreeParker tree bunker system here. The modular TreeParker system made it possible to apply a lot of customisation to create a suitable underground tree pit construction.

The project has been successfully completed. The trees will have found the first young hair roots in the new underground rooting zone. In the coming years, the trees can find more nutrition and water and grow old healthily among all the grey infrastructure. The TreeParker system has ensured that the trees have a future-proof growing site. We are happy to see that these trees can once again grow there healthily for a longer period of time, supporting ecosystem services in the city.