Koningin Astridplein | Brussels

The Koningin Astridplein (literally translated: ‘Queen Astrid Square’) is a square located in the center of Jette (town and municipality in the Brussels Capital Region). This Brussels square is also commonly referred to as the ‘Spiegelplein’ (literally translated: ‘Mirror Square’). From September 2015, a phased redesign of the square has taken place.

Car-Free Square

The purpose of the redesign of the Koningin Astridplein was to make the square car-free. An underground car park has been built beneath the square, spanning three levels high and accommodating 199 cars. In addition, tram tracks have been laid on Jetselaan (road next to Koningin Astridplein) that connect to existing tram lines. The fact that the square has been made car-free has freed up a lot of space for cyclists and pedestrians.

Cozy, Green Public Space

Whereas the Spiegelplein previously had a grey appearance, the redesign has transformed the square into a cozy, green public space. The new design of the square features benches, fountains, trees, greenery, and adapted lighting. This makes the Koningin Astridplein a pleasant place to spend time, whether on the terrace, sitting in the shade or sun on benches, or for children to play in the fountains.

TreeParker for the Trees

In order to allow the trees to grow well amidst all the buildings, paving, and underground infrastructure, the TreeParker system has been implemented. The TreeParker system creates an underground growth construction in which roots have enough space to grow. This gives the trees the opportunity to grow into large, mature trees, providing residents and visitors with shade and cooling, as well as a healthier air quality.