Pearling Path, Bahrain

Project Name: Public Space – Opportunity 17 Project, Muharraq – Bahrain
Client: Bahrain Authority for Culture and antiquities
Contractor: Redex Industries
Consultant: Al A’Ali Engineering consultants

The Pearling Path in Muharraq, Bahrain: a historic walking trail along ancient pearl diving sites, traditional houses, and forts that showcase the rich pearl trade history of the country. This unique route takes visitors on a journey through time, revealing both the cultural and natural splendor of Bahrain.

Fire trees for cooling
In a newly constructed public space, which is the 17th of 18 public spaces of the Pearling Path, 14 trees have been planted using the TreeParker system. The chosen tree species is the Delonix, known as the ‘fire tree’. This species is notable for its striking red and orange flowers that provide a vibrant and colorful sight. Standing at 3.5 meters tall, the trees offer not only aesthetic value but also contribute to the cooling and biodiversity of the area.

Space to grow for the trees
The decision to use tree bunkers was made due to the limited growing space for trees in the Pearling Path. Seawater is present about 2.5 to 3 meters underground. Additionally, as it is a public space with concrete, paving, buildings, and heavy pedestrian traffic, soil compaction is a constant threat. The TreeParker system was chosen because the consultant approached us stating that this system was recommended and approved by both themselves and the client in this project. It has also been successfully used in earlier phases of the Pearling Path.

TreeParker TreeBuilders

Results from the previous Pearling Path project
In 2018, trees were planted in the Pearling Path using the TreeParker system. These were also fire trees, planted to provide the public spaces in the Pearling Path with a shady and attractively green environment. In 2023, five years later, we visited this location to observe the current state of the trees. More than 95% of the trees are healthy, have developed well in trunk circumference, and have a large canopy.

Pearling Path Bahrain TreeParker

Pearling Path Bahrain TreeParker (2)

TreeParker for urban greening
The results in the Pearling Path show that the TreeParker system offers a successful solution for urban greening, even in challenging environments where extreme heat is common. The healthy growth of the fire trees, with their expansive canopies and sturdy trunks, confirms the effectiveness of this approach. This project serves as an inspiring example of how innovative green solutions can contribute to the improvement of urban spaces, both aesthetically and ecologically.

Pearling Path 28-01-2021_vermelding Nour El Refai & Shaikh Ebrahim Center (1)
Photo: Nour El Refai & Shaikh Ebrahim Center