Village Square | Massemen

On the village square of the Flemish village Massemen (municipality of Wetteren), stands an ancient lime tree, also known as the ‘village lime’. The age of the tree is estimated to be 450 years. In 2016, this unique tree was crowned as ‘Tree of the Year’. An ancient tree is unique and irreplaceable and has since then been given extra care and attention. The tree not only adds to the aesthetic value of the square, but also enhances social cohesion and offers significantly more climate benefits compared to young trees.

Room to Grow for Centuries-old Lime Tree

During the underground investigation, it was discovered that the tree pit and root system were limiting factors for the health of the veteran lime tree. The tree had barely 40 m³ of strongly compacted, poor, and nutrient-deficient soil available, while it required at least 100 m³ of rootable space. The TreeParker system was implemented to provide this historic tree with the necessary growing space. In this way, the beautiful lime tree has been made future-proof and will continue to endure for generations.

Photos: municipality of Wetteren & Landmax