Helping Trees In The City Thrive

Treebuilders offers a range of solutions to ensure that trees in the city are able to thrive, without causing damage to the pavement or other infrastructure. These solutions are the result of extensive research and consultation with landscape architects, nurseries and various other professionals.

Solutions for healthy trees in the city

Trees in the city offer many advantages, both functional and esthetic. They provide a welcome green touch, while cleaning the air, lowering the temperature and reducing flood risk. Unfortunately, most trees in the city never reach their full potential and die prematurely due to lack of good growing conditions. That is why Treebuilders offers urban planting solutions, such as the TreeParker system. This is a soil containment cell for trees in the city. The cell is filled with non-compacted soil and provides the tree with space for the unlimited expansion of its roots. Thus, it prevents root heave and damage to infrastructure, while also promoting urban water management. Additionally, this system is able to withstand heavy traffic loads and is easy to install.

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As trees in the city can be as varied as birds in the skies, the TreeParker system is available in various sizes. Because it is a modular system, it allows for great flexibility. If you would like to know more about or solutions for healthy trees in the city, our experts are happy to answer all your questions. Contact us via email or call us at +31(0) 413 530 266.

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