Bergfluiter | Nieuwegein

TreeBuilders recently installed three tree growing facilities on the Bergfluiter in Nieuwegein on behalf of the Municipality of Nieuwegein. These growing facilities are equipped with the TreeParker tree bunker system to allow the trees to grow sustainably, healthy and to full maturity. Because healthy, well-growing trees only really contribute to the climate problems facing the world. These trees provide cooling for the city, capture particulate matter and CO2 with their crown, provide ‘housing’ for birds and insects and thus make a major contribution to biodiversity and ecosystem services within the city.


TreeParker tree bunker system

On this street were large Birches which in recent years gave too much root pressure and thus created dangerous situations for residents and pedestrians. It is always a pity and a pity when beautiful old trees have to go, but if this choice is made, it is important to consider carefully which type of tree and associated growing place should be returned. This choice has a lot of influence on the technical design of the growing place; tree lifespan, choice of species, location and groundwater level largely determine the amount of growth volume required for the tree. For example, TreeBuilders has been able to make a substantiated calculation for several years of what volume is needed to provide a tree with a good growing place for a certain lifespan. For policy officers, green technicians and tree managers this can be very helpful to have a well-substantiated story within their own organization and to invest underground in a good sustainable growth place for the tree. In the case of the Bergfluiter in Nieuwegein, the growing area and volume are designed for a tree’s lifespan of 60 years. Civil engineering policy officers and administrators also have a great interest in this; With the TreeParker tree bunker system, root imprinting is a thing of the past.

The project on the Bergfluiter was completed just before the summer period and the growing area is ready. The trees will be planted next winter, perennials will be planted around the tree mirror. This is good for the streetscape, good for biodiversity and water infiltration.

Final result, the tree will be planted in winter.