19 September 2019

We increasingly have to deal with extreme rainfall, that alternates with longer periods of drought. This has an increasing impact on our living environment, especially in cities. TreeBuilders has started a collaboration with SwecoBoomkwekerij EbbenBoomveerSempergreen and Zoontjens to quickly identify the various environmental issues and to offer solutions that seamlessly match the wishes and requirements of the environment. The aim is to make the urban environment more sustainable and to enable smart greening of the environment with De Klimaatstraat (The Climate Street). The aim is to identify current and future problems, and to offer appropriate solutions for them. We can also calculate the added value of these solutions for users.

After last year’s success, De Klimaatstraat was once again present at the Climate Trade Fair in Houten. For the second time in a row, we joined forces to offer a total package of solutions for a sustainable green infrastructure. Together with innovative companies such as SwecoBoomkwekerij EbbenBoomveerSempergreen and Zoontjens we are working on smart greening of the urban environment and various solutions for today’s effects of climate change.

Klimaatstraat is an initiative of several innovative companies that work together to make the urban environment more sustainable and greener

During Vakbeurs Klimaat (Climate Trade Fair) in Houten we took visitors on a journey through De Klimaatstraat with a diverse programme of lectures. Together with the climate specialists, we gave more information in the Climate Bus about the all-round solutions we offer for various climate issues. From smart measuring and monitoring, to making improvements to soil advice and underground measures. From tree and facade analysis to greening of the ground level and buildings. And from improving the quality of life and sustainability back to monitors to make the improvements.

Through years of experience, we are able to quickly identify a wide range of climate and other issues and we offer solutions that seamlessly match the wishes and requirements of the environment. A step-by-step, well-founded solution for greening the living environment will be developed, based on the Climate Street methodology. Advice on issues and plants in the field of soil, heat and drought issues, flooding and CO₂ content, ingenious solutions and facades. Curious about what we can do for your living environment and how the climate fits in your street? Contact De Klimaatstraat: www.deklimaatstraat.nl or send an e-mail to info@treebuilders.eu.