Stormwater Retention In Cities

Stormwater retention is a proper solution to protect urban areas from floods and to store potential drinking water. Treebuilders offers innovative systems for stormwater retention in cities. Our solutions are being used in towns all over the world, meaning we have a lot of experience with developing unique water-retaining systems in all kind of urban circumstances.

Using trees for stormwater retention

Climate change leads to changing weather conditions all over the world. Water problems, like long periods without precipitation and stormwater floods, are threatening occurrences, especially for urban areas. Fortunately, we developed stormwater retention systems, which protect cities from floods and save water that can be used for consumption. This makes the city less vulnerable to long periods of drought. We make stormwater retention possible with innovative stormwater management systems. Techniques like raingardens and bioretention basins, are also possible. 

In all these systems, trees are part of the construction. They make your town:

  • Less vulnerable to dry periods
  • Less vulnerable to stormwater floods
  • A more beautiful and healthier place to live in

We prepare your city for climate challenges

Global warming makes proper water management necessary. Stormwater retention is an important part of this management. Contact us by calling +31(0) 413 530 266 or send us an email. We are looking forward to designing and realizing the perfect water retention system for your town.

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