Make Urban Green Thrive With Our Innovative Systems

Creating urban green is important in any city and urban environment. It is, however, not without its challenges. That is why Treebuilders offers a range of solutions for planting urban trees and other green in city environments. Every product is the result of thorough research and development and extensive consultation with relevant partners, such as plant nurseries and landscape architects.

The uses of the urban tree and other forms of urban green

Planting trees in cities and creating green spaces is a way of bringing nature closer to home. Planting a tree in an urban environment does, however, offer more than a green touch in a grey area. Urban green has an important function: creating a better city. The urban tree, for instance, purifies the city air, moderates the temperature and helps deal with runoff stormwater. Moreover, planting a tree in the city, helps to create an urban water cycle and reduces the risk of floods.

Urban tree planting solutions for thriving flora

Unfortunately, these advantages can come at a cost as urban green can cause damage to infrastructure, via root heave and other means. This is

the result of conflicting needs between modern cities and nature. Luckily, all this can be avoided with our urban tree planting solutions, such as the sandwich construction and the TreeParker system. These systems make sure that the urban tree or other green plants have sufficient space underground for expanding their roots without damaging pavement or utilities. They also ensure that the urban tree is surrounded by the much-needed loose soil and protected from pressure due to traffic.

Let us tell you more

With our solutions, your urban green will thrive and live up to its full potential. Curious to know more about our urban tree planting solutions? Just get in touch! We will gladly provide you with more information and answer all your questions. Call us at +31(0) 413 530 266 or send an email.

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