Developing Green Infrastructure In Urban Areas

Creating green infrastructure in cities has never been easier thanks to Treebuilders. We offer solutions to make urban green thrive while protecting existing infrastructure. We offer solutions for stormwater management, urban planting and underground bioretention.

The necessity of creating and maintaining healthy green infrastructure

Creating green infrastructure is important to revitalize grey urban environments. Trees and other flora provide a green touch, but do so much more besides. Green infrastructure helps counteract climate change by moderating the temperatures in the city, reducing flood risk and purifying the air. Additionally, trees promote water management and help create an urban water cycle.

Enjoy the benefits of green in the city with our solutions

To enjoy all these and more benefits, Treebuilders provides you solutions to make green infrastructure thrive and reach its full potential. Without these applications, most urban trees die prematurely and may cause problems such as root heave. Our TreeParker system ensures trees are

planted in non-compacted soil and have space to safely grow their roots without damaging infrastructure. This soil containment system is well-suited for green infrastructure near pavements, in parking lots and even in green walls and roofs. Our sandwich constructions on the other hand are specifically developed for places where traffic loads are likely to cause compacted soil around tree roots. This system spreads the load of movement, thus protecting the roots, and eliminates to need for surface drains.

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