TreeParker System

Discover the innovative TreeParker system for safely planting healthy trees in urban environments. Treebuilders offers a range of urban planting solutions, as well as on-site stormwater management and underground bioretention solutions for cities and business.

What is the TreeParker system?

The TreeParker system is an innovative underground soil containment cell designed for trees in urban areas. By planting a tree in this system, you will be providing it with the optimal circumstances for it to thrive. How does the TreeParker achieve this? By providing large quantities of loose soil of excellent quality, while simultaneously maximizing the usable subterranean space for the trees’ roots to expand. It was specifically designed for urban environments, meaning it can withstand heavy traffic and helps maintain pavement integrity. Moreover, the TreeParker system is easy to install and made form recyclable long-lasting plastics. Because it is a modular system, the TreeParker can easily be adapted to your requirements.

Find the most suitable solution for your trees

The TreeParker system is the perfect system for balancing the needs of trees with the high-standards of safety required when dealing with infrastructure and underground utilities in cities. It even contributes to water management and the sustainable urban water cycle. If you are interested in our urban planting solution, you will be happy to find it comes in various sizes. Our experts will gladly discuss the options to help you find the perfect solution. Feel free to contact us for more information via email or by calling +31(0) 413 530 266.

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