Suspended Pavement

Suspended pavement is an ideal technique for planting trees in urban areas and protecting this environment from stormwater floods. Trees help absorb and retain water. Moreover, rainwater can be stored in the suspended pavement system itself. The experts from Treebuilders can tell you everything about this phenomenon and can build the perfect system for your urban environment.

Suspended pavement for healthy trees and safe cities

Trees contribute to the beauty and livability of a city. They give this grey area more color, improve air quality and reduce high summer temperatures. Mature trees can even slow down climate change. Unfortunately, cities are not the best places for trees to grow. Most city trees do not even live long enough to reach maturity, so that they cannot provide meaningful ecological services. However, suspended pavement make it possible to create a tree friendly area in all city environments. Beneath the paving, a void is created which is filled with loose and well-aerated soil. The kind of soil which is necessary to grow healthy trees. 

And, making use of underground bioretention or our innovative TreeParker system, stormwater management is included as well. Contact us and receive:

  • Advice from experts
  • A customized solution
  • A clear plan of action

We let cities and town trees flourish

Thanks to our suspended pavement systems, city trees can grow healthily and urban areas are protected from devastating stormwater floods. Are you interested in our services? Contact us by calling +31(0) 413 530 266 or send us an email. We are happy to answer all your questions.

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