Urban Tree Service

Are you looking for an excellent urban tree service company? Then you should get in contact with Treebuilders. We have a lot of experience with creating tree-friendly conditions in all kind of urban areas. Thanks to our innovative techniques, trees can fully grow and thrive in cities, contributing to reducing climate change and lowering the risk of stormwater floods.

Urban tree service for healthy city trees and reducing climate change

Trees provide green areas in grey cities. By doing so, they make a town more beautiful and livable. Unfortunately, keeping trees alive in urban areas is a big challenge. Trees need loose, well-aerated soils, while for safe roads and infrastructure a highly compacted soil is necessary. Moreover, town trees suffer from a lack of space and water. Fortunately, using our innovative urban tree services like the TreeParker system or our extensive underground bioretention techniques, we provide tree-friendly conditions in all urban environments. And thanks to our sandwich construction, you do not have to worry about root heave. 

We keep town trees healthy and that is good news for all city residents, because trees:

  • Retain CO2, limiting the effects of climate change
  • Retain and reduce the levels of stormwater, protecting from floods
  • Offer protection from the sun, reducing high summer temperatures

We make your town tree-friendly

Do you want to improve your urban environment by planting more trees? Or do you need help with taking care of the trees already present? Contact us and make use of our excellent urban tree services. Call to +31(0) 413 530 266 or send us an email.

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