Climate Adaptive Design

When you are looking for a climate adaptive design for an urban area, Treebuilders is the perfect company to contact. We have developed innovative water systems for multiple cities worldwide, protecting them from stormwater floods and drought. Contact us and enjoy the same excellent services.

Prepare your city for climate changes with a climate adaptive design

Global warming leads to changing weather circumstances. One of the most challenging problems is the changing precipitation pattern. Showers become heavier, but there are more dry periods as well. These phenomena are big threats, especially in cities, were rainwater can barely infiltrate the pavement, leading to floods. Moreover, stormwater is mostly drained quickly, rather than stored for dry periods. To prepare a city for these consequences of climate change, a climate adaptive urban design is essential. 

As we have a lot of experience with developing water management systems, we can make such a design for your urban environment. We offer you:

We help you deal with the consequences of global warming

When you want to prepare your town for floods and drought, you should start with a proper climate adaptive city design. We would be happy to realize this for you. Call to +31(0) 413 530 266 or send us an email and we start your project immediately.

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