Street Trees

If you are looking for assistance with planting street trees, Treebuilders is happy to help. We offer a range of solutions that help trees in urban environments grow and thrive while preventing root heave and other damage to infrastructure.

Why street trees are necessary

Street trees may look pretty, but that is not their major function in urban environments. The planting of street trees is mostly carried out to make a city more livable. After all, trees filter the air by storing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. They also help counteract some effects of climate change by lowering the temperature and decrease the risk of flooding. The latter is achieved by street trees absorbing runoff stormwater which would otherwise end up in sewers as it cannot penetrate paved surfaces. Thus, street trees also help create an urban water cycle, contributing to sustainable water management.

The problems you face when planting street trees

Planting street trees knows many benefits, but also offers some challenges. After all, in order to let trees thrive and mature, certain conditions need to be met:

  • Street trees require space for their roots to grow
  • Trees need loose soil which is well aerated, rather than compacted soil, to reach their full growth
  • Like any tree, an urban tree requires sufficient amounts of water to stay alive

Unfortunately, space is in short supply in cities due to the many buildings, widespread infrastructure and subterranean utilities. Additionally, heavy traffic leads to the compacting of soil, while impenetrable pavements deprive trees of life-giving water. Luckily, this is where Treebuilders comes in with solutions for successful street tree planting. Our TreeParker soil containment cells and our sandwich constructions protect infrastructure and steer trees alike. They maximize available space for roots, provide loose soil and prevent it from compacting due to traffic loads.

Contact us to discuss the options

Our experts will gladly provide you with more detailed information about our solutions for the planting of street trees. We will even help you make the necessary calculations and to draw up a layout for the tree pits. Just reach out to us via email or call +31(0) 413 530 266.

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