Stormwater Drain Design Without Root Heave

Are you looking for a stormwater drain design made by professionals? Then you should contact Treebuilders. We have a lot of experience with designing and producing solutions for water drainage in multiple cities worldwide. Trees are a perfect solution to absorb and retain water, reducing the chance and strength of floods. Unfortunately, planting trees in cities can cause annoying root heave. However, thanks to our innovative constructions, root heave will be minimal.

Stormwater drain design including trees and basins

Cities are characterized by a high amount of impervious surfaces and limited green areas. These urbanization characteristics lead to a huge discharge of waste water and poor quality runoff, contributing to uncontrollable floods. Therefore, proper stormwater management is necessary, including planting trees. Trees help to retain water as their roots store rainwater in the city soil. Moreover, the design and realization of special raingardens and bioretention basins helps to retain stormwater and drain it safely.

Planting city trees without concerns about root heave

Trees are the most nature-based urban solution to limit the impact of climate change in public spaces. Unfortunately, they can cause annoying root heave. Therefore we developed products like the sandwich construction, which decrease root heave. Other techniques we use are:

  • Structural soil cells
  • Suspended pavement
  • Choosing tree species with small roots

A water drain solution perfect for you urban area

Do you want a stormwater drain design specially made for your city or urban environment? We would like to collaborate and share our expertise with you. Contact us by calling +31(0) 413 530 266 or send us an email.

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