Root Management

Proper root management is of the essence when it comes to planting trees in urban environments. To help cities and companies with this, Treebuilders offers a range of urban tree planting solutions. Additionally, we offer solutions for stormwater management in cities and ways to create a circular urban water cycle.

Why root management is important

Root management matters because, if left unchecked, roots from trees will create all kinds of damage to your infrastructure. This ranges from root heave in pavements and roads, to damage to gas mains and other utilities buried beneath urban areas. Why does this happen? Because in order to thrive and grow, a tree needs space for its roots to expand and absorb the much-needed sustenance from water and soil. This space, unfortunately, is in short supply in urban environments.

Solutions that stimulate healthy trees

So, how do you balance the needs of trees with the requirements for urban life? The answer lies in proper root management through soil cells and 

sandwich constructions. The former is a containment system which allows the tree to thrive in loose soil and which maximizes available space underground, simultaneously supporting heavy loads from traffic aboveground. The sandwich construction on the other hand is a system that aids good root management by spreading the pressure from traffic, to keep the soil around the tree loose. After all, trees in compacted soil will send out their roots upwards to look for air and water.

Let us find the best solution for your root management

We will gladly advise you on the best solution for root management in urban environments. Our experts will discuss the many possibilities and assist you in making the necessary calculations. After which, they will draw out a layout for the professional tree pits. Call us at +31(0) 413 530 266 or send us an email to get in touch.

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