Sustainable Drainage Systems For Urban Areas

Treebuilders is an expert in developing sustainable drainage systems for cities all over the world. We have successfully implemented several innovative solutions, which are currently protecting towns from stormwater floods. Thanks to our experience with all kinds of urban situations, we will always find a proper drainage system for your city.

Keep your feet dry with sustainable drainage systems

Due to global warming, cities all over the world are faced with more precipitation falling in short periods of time. Unfortunately, as cities have a high amount of impervious surfaces and limited green areas, stormwater can barely infiltrate the soil, leaving the town vulnerable to floods. To drain all rainwater efficiently and safely, sustainable drainage systems are necessary. Therefore we have developed innovative water management systems and advanced underground bioretention systems. All these solutions rely on the use of trees. This because the systems will not only contribute to natural water retention and drainage, but will improve the air quality and natural look of cities as well.

Contact us and you will receive:

  • Professional advice and clear communication
  • Thoughtful examination of all relevant urban circumstances
  • A well-designed customized drainage system
  • Assistance during implementation of the whole project

Excellent protection from stormwater floods

Thanks to our innovative sustainable drainage systems, we can protect each town against rainwater floods. Are you interested in our services? Contact us by calling +31(0) 413 530 266 or send us an email.

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