Roadside Tree Planting

Treebuilders offers innovative solutions for roadside tree planting leading to healthy trees in urban environments. Those wishing to plant trees in urban areas face many challenges that impact both the trees and the existing infrastructure. To overcome these difficulties, we have developed a range of urban tree planting solutions.

The challenges of roadside tree planting

More and more cities and urban environments are undertaking roadside tree planting projects as a conscious effort to transform the grey urban jungle into a green space where people love to live. Additionally, more trees are being planted to help filter the air, lower the risk of flooding and limit the impact of climate change and pollution in cities. However, there is more to it than just digging a hole and planting a tree. After all, the urban environment is not ideal for creating healthy and mature trees, which shows in the prevalence of root heave in pavements and roads. This damage to infrastructure is caused by the lack of space offered to tree roots to expand due to subterranean utilities that power modern cities. Additionally, roadside tree planting ideally takes place in loose soil, which is in short supply as buildings and other infrastructure requires highly compacted soil.

Urban planting solutions for healthy trees

To help face the challenges that roadside tree planting faces, Treebuilders offers a range of urban planting solutions. Our products help with the lack of space and provide trees being planted by the roadside or in other urban areas the right type of soil without endangering infrastructure. The TreeParker system, for instance, is a soil cell system available in various sizes that creates the ideal environment for trees to thrive and helps with stormwater management. Moreover, our sandwich constructions spread the load of vehicles around the tree roots and helps keep the soil loose while increasing the space for roots to grow safely.

Questions? We are happy to answer them!

Do you wish to undertake roadside tree planting which guarantees a safe and green environment for humans and trees? Ask for more information about our urban tree planting solutions! We will gladly give you more detailed information. Just contact us via email or call +31(0) 413 530 266.

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