City Tree

The city tree is a ubiquitous part of many urban environments. Unfortunately, these plants seldom thrive in cities and often have a short life. That is why Treebuilders has devised innovative solutions to help cities reap the benefits offered by trees and to contribute to greener and healthier environments.

What are the benefits of the city tree?

The city tree planted in urban environments serves a greater purpose than just providing a green touch in the predominantly grey concrete jungle of most western cities. After all, trees form a natural filter that helps to clean pollutants from the air. This way, mature trees help to limit the impact that climate change and our modern lifestyle have on nature and our planet in general. Unfortunately, the average city tree fails to thrive in its environment and has a short life span of an average of ten years. Which means that the average city tree cannot realize its potential for growth.

How to make trees thrive in urban areas?

Treebuilders offer cities and companies innovative solutions to help tap into the full potential of any city tree. With our urban tree planting solutions, we increase the life expectancy of trees and provide them with the optimal urban environment for healthy growth. How? By making sure the trees have sufficient space to grow. 

After all, a healthy tree is one with healthy roots, and roots need space. Without sufficient space, the city tree soon becomes a nuisance, causing cracks in the pavement or road due to root heave. That is where our TreeParker system made from recyclable and long-lasting plastic comes in. This is a soil containment system which maximizes usable subterranean space. It is available in various sizes and offers space for trees to grow without causing damage to the surrounding infrastructure.

How can we help you?

At Treebuilders, we will gladly help you find a suitable solution for healthy trees and livable urban environments. Do you have any questions regarding our tree planting solutions? Are you curious about our solutions for water management? We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding our services and solutions. Contact us via email or call +31(0) 413 530 266.

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