7 October 2021

Why don’t we build the cycling path on top of the canal instead of next to it? That would save space and money. This revolutionary vision comes from B’RAIN, a collaboration between TreeBuildersEurodalBeton De Bonte and Aquafix. Intelligent use of space, paving, water management and the integration of high-quality and functional green space, that’s what we strive for.

Intelligent water management
By combining and aligning concepts such as TreeParkerHydrops and Vélonet cycling on water becomes reality. But this is not just about cycling and covering the canals. B’RAIN includes a complete concept for the intelligent management of water in confined spaces, with the smart use of greenery and paving.
Providing solution to water problems that benefit everyone, that’s where B’RAIN stands for. Collect rainwater locally, purify, buffer, shallow infiltration and reuse. By placing concrete U-shaped, wide channels at the point where streams flow, it becomes possible to let the water flow underneath the cycling path. The holes in the side of the U-shaped gutters allow rainwater to infiltrate into the soil around it, just as it does with an ordinary stream. It will eventually be possible to build a cycling path on these concrete streams.

All-in-one solution
With this new concept an all-in-one solution is provided to the municipalities. This innovative project provides a solution for many unsafe cycling paths, where a simple solution is not obvious. Less space taken up, less appropriation and less maintenance for local authorities, while maintaining water infiltration.


Would you like to discover B’RAIN’s solutions? You can still do this on 14 and 15 October by registering via http://eurodal.be/nl/events