Donner Plataan l Rotterdam

Donner Plataan, Rotterdam

If you ask a Rotterdam resident about the Binnenwegplein, there’s a high chance they’ll start talking about the Donner-plane tree. This iconic plane tree (Platanus x hispanica) from 1947 still stands proudly in the cityscape in the central area of Rotterdam. A lot of construction and renovation is happening in the center of Rotterdam to…

City Square | Apeldoorn

Stadsplein, Apeldoorn

The existing trees on the city square of Apeldoorn were growing reasonably well, but not well enough to be future-proof. Because these trees determine the atmosphere and image of the square and provide many climate benefits, such as cooling, air purification and CO2 absorption, the choice was made to keep the trees. With a view…

Coolsingel | Rotterdam

Coolsingel, Rotterdam

Coolsingel is one of Rotterdam’s most famous and important streets. It is a bustling, central boulevard where pedestrians, cyclists, cars and trams cross. There are many impressive buildings on either side of Coolsingel. The appearance and allure that the nineteenth-century promenade once had was gone. And Rotterdam wanted that back. By taking advantage of the…

Oosterdoks Island | Amsterdam

Oosterdokseiland, Amsterdam

Where there is becoming more and more grey in the city, space must be made for green, according to the Municipality of Amsterdam. Tackling climate problems is an important theme in the city. This thought led to combining green and grey at’s new building on Oosterdoks Island (an island in the centre of Amsterdam)….

Blijdorp Zoo | Rotterdam

Diergaarde Blijdorp, Rotterdam

Giraffes: you’ve probably seen them at the zoo. With their long necks, they easily reach the highest leaves in a tree. However, this also posed a problem for the trees in the giraffe enclosure at Blijdorp Zoo. As a giraffe can weigh up to 1930 kg, the trees in the enclosure were suffering. Due to…

Binnenrotte | Rotterdam

Binnenrotte, Rotterdam

The Binnenrotte is the largest square in the bustling center of Rotterdam. A number of notable buildings are located on the Binnenrotte, including the famous Markthal, which is 70 by 110 meters in size. The Central Library, the Cube Houses, and the Great or St. Laurence Church can also be found here. Twice a week,…

Bergfluiter | Nieuwegein

Bergfluiter, Nieuwegein

TreeBuilders recently installed three tree growing facilities on the Bergfluiter in Nieuwegein on behalf of the Municipality of Nieuwegein. These growing facilities are equipped with the TreeParker tree bunker system to allow the trees to grow sustainably, healthy and to full maturity. Because healthy, well-growing trees only really contribute to the climate problems facing the…

Beursplein | Amsterdam

Beursplein, Amsterdam

Amsterdam has gained another beautiful and spacious green square. The Beursplein’s new appearance is based on the original design of Berlage. The elements were restored and placed back at their old locations; the drinking fountains, the bull and the monumental lampposts. Thankfully, the trees on and around the Beursplein were returned as well. At some…

Heeswijk Castle | Heeswijk Dinther

Boom Kasteel Heeswijk TreeParker

The Weeping Ash tree at Heeswijk Castle has been standing directly in front of the 11th-century moated castle for nearly 130 years. The Weeping Ash had experienced some difficult years. Work carried out in the immediate vicinity of this monumental tree is probably the cause of the decline in its health. The subsoil is certainly…

Hagedisstraat | Groningen

Hagedisstraat, Groningen

In the Hagedisstraat in Groningen, a climate-adaptive approach has been taken. Where there used to be parking spaces on both sides of the street, one side now has a wide planting strip. In the process, rainwater is also infiltrated, meaning rain is collected to water the greenery. The other side of the street, which still…